best online casino reviews in the uk

Online casino websites abound all over the internet and the numbers are almost inestimable. Finding a reliable and trustworthy online casino website to play is one of the most difficult things faced by the majority of new players who want to begin their journey into the gambling world.

As such, many casinos online have been accused of several malpractices in their gambling spaces, largely because they are not licensed and their activities are unregulated. In light of these challenges, there is the need to help most new players who have developed an interest in gambling online, to make the right decision when it comes to choosing an online casino to play with.

Below, in no specific order, we have listed some of the best online casinos you can find and play with in the UK without fear of being rigged or cheated in any way, along with their respective bonus and promotional offers.

888 Casino
  • Minimum deposit: £20
  • Wagering requirements: 30x
  • Licenses: UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) & Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • eCOGRA audited: None
  • Reward scheme: Available
  • VIP services: None
  • Minimum deposit: €10
  • Wagering requirements: 30x
  • Licenses: MGA only.
  • eCOGRA audited: No
  • Reward scheme: Available
  • VIP services: None
All British Casino
  • Minimum deposit: €10
  • Wagering requirements: 30x
  • Licenses: MGA only
  • eCOGRA audited: No
  • Reward scheme: Available
  • VIP services: No
Mr Play Casino
  • Minimum deposit: £10
  • Wagering requirements: 30x
  • Licenses: MGA, UKGC, & Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA)
  • eCOGRA audited: No
  • Reward scheme: Available
  • VIP services: None
Mr. Green Casino
  • Minimum deposit: £20
  • Wagering requirements: 30x
  • Licenses: MGA & UKGC
  • eCOGRA audited: No
  • Reward scheme: Available
  • VIP services: None
LeoVegas Casino
  • Minimum deposit: £10
  • Wagering requirements: 30x
  • Licenses: UKGC & MGA
  • eCOGRA audited: No
  • Reward scheme: Available
  • VIP services: None
Fun Casino
  • Minimum deposit: £10
  • Wagering requirements: 30x
  • Licenses: UKGC & MGA
  • eCOGRA audited: No
  • Reward scheme: Available
  • VIP services: None
PlayOjo Casino
  • Minimum deposit: $10
  • Wagering requirements: 30x
  • Licenses: UKGC only
  • eCOGRA audited: No
  • Reward scheme: Available
  • VIP services: None
Netbet Casino
  • Minimum deposit: £10
  • Wagering requirements: 30x
  • Licenses: UKGC
  • eCOGRA audited: No
  • Reward scheme: Available
  • VIP services: None
Rizk Casino
  • Minimum deposit: £10
  • Wagering requirements: 30x
  • Licenses: UKGC & MGA
  • eCOGRA audited: No
  • Reward scheme: Available
  • VIP services: None
Guts Casino
  • Minimum deposit: £10
  • Wagering requirements: 30x
  • Licenses: MGA & UKGC
  • eCOGRA audited: No
  • Reward scheme: Available
  • VIP services: None
William Hill Casino
  • Minimum deposit: £10
  • Wagering requirements: 30x
  • Licenses: UKGC
  • eCOGRA audited: No
  • Reward scheme: Available
  • VIP services: None

How Do We Review Online Casinos

OnlineCasino-Reviews is a conglomerate of seasoned players and professionals of various types of casino games you can think of – this is to make you understand the fact that our reviews are based on several years of experience in playing casino games of all kinds.

As a way of ensuring that our readers get high-quality and an up-to-date reviews of various online casino websites (whether new or old), we are constantly watching out for the best, new casinos in the online space to be featured in our review, while also keeping a tab on the old ones to keep new players as well as seasoned players abreast of new updates.

Ultimately, our reviews are based on actual play and tests by experts. As such, our reviews will go a long way to help you make an informed decision and save you from wading through the surplus of casino websites offering a bad quality gaming experience.

Meanwhile, any casino website privileged enough to be selected for review by our seasoned group of experts will be assessed based on some critical factors well established among the majority of online casino players. Some of these factors are as follows:

  1. Mobile Experience
  2. Game Selection
  3. Bonus and Promotional Offers
  4. Software Developers
  5. Licenses
  6. Support and Security
  7. Payments Option, among others.

1- Types of Bonuses and Promotional Offers

Being experts in what we do, we know how important bonuses and promotional offer extensions from online casinos are, and as such we often attach a great deal of value to it, of which the same can be said to be the case among most new and seasoned casino players out there.

Thanks to our several years of experience in this industry, we’ve come in contact with numerous bonuses and promotional offers – some are juicy and attractive, while some are so, so terrible. However, if you take advantage of our professional reviews of online casinos, we promise to bring to you only the promising casinos offering the best, reasonable bonuses to just get you started the right way. You get to know the various bonus packages that are usually offered by casinos and how to properly utilize them. The following are some of the various types of bonuses offered by most reputable online casinos:

  • No Deposit Bonuses: These types of bonuses are often offered by casinos especially for new players. Just like the title suggests, a new player can access a free bonus without the need to deposit any amount Into his/her casino wallet. However, terms and conditions are applied.
  • Free Spins Bonuses: These bonuses are ones that are specifically offered only on online slots games. Just like the “No deposit bonus”, free spin bonuses are mostly available to new players.
  • Reload Bonus: Unlike the aforementioned bonuses type, the reload bonus is brought into play especially for existing players with a history of several gaming losses. It is designed to put players back on their feet and try playing again – more like a second chance.
  • High Roller bonus: This bonus is very much similar to any other deposit bonus, with just a very minor difference – they are meant for ONLY players with a very significant budget size. Most time, this bonus has a comparable wagering requirement to deposit bonuses, however, players must go through the terms and conditions to check the wagering requirements and the decision-making process.

Other bonuses you will likely come across include;

  • Casino Raffle
  • Daily Bonus
  • Referral Bonus
  • Cashback

In our experience, we’ve also investigated over time that some online casinos are fund of flashing massive bonus on deposits, just to entice players to their casino platform only for players to find out at the end of the day that this bonus offer comes with rather ridiculously outrageous wagering requirements as high as 65x – this is completely unacceptable. Be sure, casinos whose review you’d be reading on this website are not questionable in this regard.

2- Casino Bonuses – Terms and Conditions

It is common knowledge among most internet users, and not just online casino players, that it is usually difficult to read through the lines of the T&Cs section – this attitude can be as a result of the length of the write-up, and not to mention the fact that they are usually boring.

As funny as this behavior might seem, it is a major trap for many players. When attributed to casino bonuses, it is highly advised that individual players take out some time to at least have a glance at the T&Cs – for not doing so can be quite consequential and regretful. As a rule of thumb, we ultimately recommend that players assess the terms and conditions of the casino bonus before accepting the bonus offer.

Are you thinking of what you should look out for while assessing the T&Cs? Below are just some of the key points you should check and then use to make your decision afterward.

  • Availability: Some bonus is time-sensitive, as such, you need to confirm whether or not the bonus is still active.
  • Time limit: This is to know how long you can keep your bonus before expiration. This you can also find in the casino’s bonus T&Cs.
  • Minimum deposit: With this, you will get to know the minimum deposit amount you need, to get the bonus activated.
  • Wagering requirement: To withdraw your winnings eventually, there are some requirements that you must complete.
  • Wagering time limit: This aspect lets you know the specific period by which you must have completed the requirements.
  • Validity: Some casino bonuses can only be used with specific, preselected casino games. This you need to read the T&Cs to know.
  • Maximum bets: Usually, there is a certain amount of bets you can place with a particular casino bonus. Most times, it capped at £5.
  • Win limit: This is usually associated with free spin bonuses. This specifies the maximum amount that can be won by utilizing the casino bonus.

3- Mobile Compatibility

You will agree with me that several aspects of modern life have been extremely changed by mobile technology, the same way mobile online casinos have changed the way punters are gambling. At the same time, it has contributed immensely to the popularity of online casinos beyond expectations. It is indeed a game-changer.

Nowadays, it is no longer new that the millennials tend to spend more time on their smartphones, during which they are either surfing the internet, visiting various social media platforms, reading novels, or playing games, even to the point of online transactions, among others. Consequently, there is a need for all online casinos to build their websites in such a way that it can easily be accessed from smartphones.

Hence, in the reviews you’d be reading on our websites, we have also considered the mobile compatibility of online casino websites. The importance of this factor cannot be over-emphasized. Today, most players want to play their various casino games via their smartphones due to the convenience that comes with it and the fact that with mobile phones, they can easily connect on the go and play wherever they are.

This is a green light for people looking for online casinos that allow them to be entertained from the comfort of their living room or other convenient locations. And of course, the compatibility of online casino websites to mobile phones is dependent to a large extent on the software developers the casinos have chosen to partner with – software developer is also a very important factor considered while picking casino sites for review and it is discussed below.

4- Software providers

The software providing company with whom an online casino operator has chosen to partner with, speaks a lot about the types and quality of games in the casino’s game library. This is so, basically because software providers are responsible for the development of all the games we see at any online casino website. As such, we have deemed it fit to be one of the many criteria we use to draft reviews since not all of these software developers have a good stand in the development market.

In our reviews, answers are provided to such questions like –

  • Has the online casino in question utilized the most sophisticated technology and partnered with some of the biggest players in the software developing business for her gaming needs?
  • Is the casino’s website mobile compatible?
  • Does the casino have fully functional mobile apps?

These questions and more are what we’ve answered on our website, concerning all the casino websites we’ve reviewed.

Therefore, for the fact that a particular online casino’s review appears on our website, it means the casino has proven itself to be legit and trustworthy beyond reasonable doubt and has met this very important criterion out of several others.

Meanwhile, below are a few of the most popular names in the online casino software development industry that you should know.

  1. NetEnt Casino Software
  2. Evolution Gaming Software
  3. Playtech Gaming Software
  4. Novomatic Gaming Software
  5. Dragonfish Gaming Software
  6. Microgaming Gaming software
  7. Cryptologic Gaming software

5- Variety of Virtual and Live Dealer Games Selections

As we all know that the basis of entertainment at any casino (irrespective of whether it’s the brick-and-mortar casino or online casino) is the games. Consequently, the game selection is a very fundamental factor that must be considered for casino reviews.

The quantity of the games available for play at a casino is vital, however, our reviews will also be inclined towards the quality as well as the variety of games selection. Some standards have to be met without any room for compromise. The games library must be up-to-date with virtually all if not all the necessary games to keep players optimally entertained.

For a casino to be featured in our reviews, the variety of virtual and live dealer games selection is properly cross-checked by our casino experts- Do they meet up with the standards of a proper online casino? Are there enough games in the casino’s gaming library? These are the kinds of questions that will be adequately answered in our reviews.

Hence, the importance of meeting the expectations of players concerning game selection by casinos cannot be over-emphasized. It is either the casino meets up with these criteria or is rated very low in our reviews.

Since it has been established that games are the basis of casino operations and it is the reason why players visit casino resorts, varieties of casino games such as the online slots and new slot games should be made available in a vast selection. Gone are the days when casinos only offer casino classic games like blackjack, roulette, to mention a few. Live casino games are also very important. There is hardly any online casino out there without a live dealer casino experience – this has contributed immensely to the success of the casino industry. Live roulette, casino hold’em, and poker is just some great live dealer casino game examples.

6- Security & Legitimacy

The moment you make that ultimate decision to register with a particular online casino to serve your gambling interests, it implies that you trust the casino in question beyond reasonable doubt and that your money is safe and secured with them. This is where our reviews come in – to guide you and assure you to go ahead.

Security and legitimacy are by far the most important aspect in our list of vital criteria considered in the course of selecting online casinos to be reviewed. That is why in our reviews, we ensure that all the casinos we deemed fit for review on our website have a genuine license granted by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This way, you know that the casino’s activities are being monitored and the legitimacy status becomes unquestionable.

Meanwhile, many thanks to the Data Protection Act which demands that every online casino website take necessary measures to ensure that all sensitive information on their website is well encrypted beyond hackable level and stored safely. It delights us to let you also know that in our reviews, we have also taken time to compare the quality of various casinos’ encryption styles to one another. All of these considerations will help you greatly through your decision-making process.

7- Available Payment & Withdrawal Methods

Gambling at any online casinos for real money demands that you also participate with real money in your casino wallet. To achieve this goal, casino sites must ensure that several payment methods are made available for players to be able to carry out their payment operations effectively with ease while also ensuring the smooth withdrawal of winnings. This is one of the many ways casinos attract new players to their business. As such, it is also one of the important criteria we often consider in getting an online casino review featured on our website.

Now, in our experience of online casino payment and withdrawal methods, there are several quick and secured options available over the internet which should be integrated on every casino website. Each of which ensures ease of transactions. With our guides and reviews, you will be left with the choice of deciding on which payment option you’d love to utilize for your gaming needs. Next, we are going to highlight some of the best and popular methods of making payments into or withdrawal from your online casino wallet





Credit/Debit Cards

Visa Electron
Visa Card

Phone Payment



Bank wire
Pay N Play

However, it is quite unfortunate but good, that the UKGC has resolved to ban the utilization of credit cards at all UK-based online and offline casino sites. This decision was taken on the 14th of April, 2020, a move that was geared towards protecting punters from developing what they referred to as “a problematic gambling behavior”.

Furthermore, the restriction was also extended to the use of credit cards to fund E-wallets. This we were made to understand was made to safeguard all consumers as well as the credit card institutions. Meanwhile, an exception was extended to the National Lottery. Hence, any UK-LICENSED casino sites can no longer be funded with your credit card.

8- Quality of Customer Support Service

At online casinos, people are subject to different kinds of problems- these challenges can be minor or major. It is highly reasonable to expect that people will encounter one or two difficulties while carrying out specific operations at an online casino – be it a new member or an existing one.

The problem could come from any angle – it could be from while players are trying to get themselves registered with an online casino website or perhaps, trying to verify one’s identity. It could even be a deposit or withdrawal method issue. The challenge can manifest from any area of the website. This is whycustomer support services is important.

Hence, to save players or members of an online casino from this kind of operational menace, an effective, solution-driven customer support service must be integrated to help customers tackle and help get their issues solved. Genuine and serious casino operators are expected to have integrated on their casino sites multiple customer support options for members, such as telephone support, a live chat not available 24 hrs daily, as well as an email contact for customers through which they can be reached in times of difficulty.

A good quality customer support services are one of the many vital factors we always look out for in reviewing online casinos on our website, and it should be a thing players should also be on the look for before deciding to register with any casino of choice because it pleases customers to know for sure that their casino’s customer support will always be available to help.

9- Casino Licensing

In most of our online casino reviews, one of the most important things we always ask most new players or existing players to check first before registering at an online casino is the Licensing body. Is the online casino licensed and regulated or not? When a casino is licensed, it means that their gambling operations are being strictly monitored and players can rest assured that it is safe to register and play at such casinos. Most casinos usually have their license logo displayed at the bottom of the website for players to see.

In the UK, the official licensing commission is the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). The commission is responsible for regulating gambling operations as well as supervising the gaming laws, for both internet-based and Land-based casino resorts, in England, Wales, and Scotland. Due to the extremely important nature of the license, be assured that no unlicensed and unregulated online casino will be featured in any of our reviews – since such an online casino is missing in one of the many criteria that have to be met to be featured. This is to further assure you that any decision you take as a result of our guides and reviews can only amount to success for you, no doubt.

10- VIP & Loyalty Programs

Online Casino is a business, and like it can be said for other businesses, the lack of returning customers or the inability to win customers and further converting them to returning customers can be quite devastating. And as a way of actually preventing this tragedy, businesses must come up with lasting solutions to ensure growth. This is exactly the function VIP and Loyalty programs are designed for.

It is now a common practice among most online casino operators; to offer lots of incentives to customers to stimulate and attract them to their website, get them to join, play casino games, and eventually convert them to returning customers. This way, they can retain them on their platform, otherwise, they will lose them to their hungry competitors.

In VIP and Loyalty programs, both new and existing customers are targeted by being offered bonuses of all kinds such as; the welcome bonus, first deposit bonus, and many other promotional offers just to attract and retain them on the casino platform.

To actualize this, attractive reward programs are organized by mobile casinos from which players get loyalty points in return. The more loyalty points you get, the higher your VIP tier. This way you will be qualified for more rewards, bonuses, as well as a personal VIP customer service. Also, your loyalty points can be redeemed in the form of cashback and other incentives.

With all these advantages in view, we at Online casino-reviews, have also considered this factor while writing our reviews.

11- Players Experience Reviews & Ratings

There is no greater and the most unbiased review of an online casino compared to that of the customers. They are the ones who have tested the services offered by casinos, as such, whatever they have to say about the casinos they play at, can neither be underestimated nor treated with levity. As a result, in both our reviews that have already been written as well as the new one to come, players ratings and experience is an important factor in our selection of online casinos for review on our website.

Since our review services are ultimately for both new and existing casino players, then it becomes extremely vital to consider what other players are saying, just so the newbies can become well-informed before making decisions.

This is to buttress the fact that all our reviews are consumer-centered and not paid for by any online casino out there to gain positive public recognition.

Why You Should Trust Our Reviews

Just like it has been mentioned earlier, our reviews are a product of several years of experience. All our online casino reviews have been written and fact-checked by experts that are adequately experienced in the iGaming industry. The factors/criteria which we always put into consideration before giving a specific online casino the privilege to be featured on our websites have been discussed above.

Hence, we follow them every time in our reviews without a compromise. So you can be confident of our deliveries, and make decisions based on what you’ve read from our website. Our reviews are written with the pure interest of online casino players at heart.

How to Choose the Right Online Casino

This is obviously what we are here for; to help and guide you through making the right choice in choosing an online casino to play and save you from the unnecessary stress of searching from the plethora of online casinos on the internet to play at.

In the best online casinos in the UK section above, we have highlighted for you some of the best online casinos you should look out for and patronize in the UK. They are currently the big boys in the UK casino industry.

Therefore, to choose the right online casino to play within the UK, you can take advantage of our frequently updated casino tables to view some of our recommendations, while we also suggest that you avoid playing at online casinos that have been included in our blacklist. By adhering to this advice, you are far from making the wrong decision.

Blacklisted Casinos

In the course of selecting online casino websites for review, we always ensure that the casinos we eventually pick for review meet up with all our criteria as mentioned and discussed above. As such, we have taken it upon ourselves to also create a table of blacklisted casinos for those that don’t meet these criteria.

The blacklist table will consist of casinos that have been rated very low and have been discovered to have not been the best in terms of players’ experience of the platform. Therefore, we enjoin you to avoid any casino you see on this blacklist table as much as you can.

Responsible Gambling

Something is quite common among new gamblers, and that is the issue of chasing losses. This is when a player increases or goes beyond his/her gambling budget hoping to make up for previous losses incurred. Oftentimes, this leads to further losses, and this attitude according to researchers is said to frequently result in problem gambling.

Hence, more than ever, the need for a constant education of gamblers concerning the need to develop a responsible gambling behavior is paramount. Meanwhile, the following tips will help you gamble responsibly if properly adhered to.

  • Mindset check: don’t see gambling as a quick money scheme.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Only gamble with an amount you are willing to lose.
  • Establish your gambling limit before playing.
  • Avoid gambling when depressed, upset, or angry.
  • Know when to continue playing and when to stop. Never chase your loss.

Are you mentally ready to try your hands out on some of your favorite online casino games? It’s right about the time you SIGN UP and start having fun.

Which are the best online gambling software providers for online Casinos?

Just like it has been mentioned above, below are some of the best online gambling software companies you should know.
– NetEnt Casino Software
– Evolution Gaming Software
– Playtech Gaming Software
– Novomatic Gaming Software
– Dragonfish Gaming Software-
– Microgaming Gaming software
– Cryptologic Gaming software

Which Online Casino has a no deposit bonus and also allows you to keep your winnings?

No deposit bonuses are ones you get from specific online casinos to play a particular casino game without the need for a prior deposit into your casino wallet. The following are some of the online casino operators that offer no deposit bonus to their customers, with their respective offers.
– 777 casino – you get 77 free spins after signing up.
– 888 casino – welcome bonus as much as £100 and £88 free.
– LeoVegas casino – offers 10 additional spins and a 100% welcome – – bonus as much as £100 including 20 additional spins.
– Trada casino – 10 free spins and a £50 welcome bonus.

How to win at online casinos?

There are no particular full-proof guides out there that can guarantee you a steady daily win at playing online casino games. You will understand and accept this the moment you acknowledge gambling as what it is. However, there are several tips we will share with you here that will help you manage your losses and boost your chances of winning.
1- Ensure to only play games that you love and understand indepthly.
2- Always set and respect your gambling budget.
3- Carefully choose a reputable and trustworthy online casino to play at.
4- Leverage on the various bonuses offered by your casino of choice.
5- Only play games with reasonable house edges.

How to beat online casino slot machines?

There are no guaranteed ways to beat online casino slot machines except you intend to cheat which we don’t really advise. Nevertheless, if you want better odds to improve your winning chance, you should do the following.
– Only go for slots with high payouts.
– Pick the slot machine with the highest return to player (RTP)
– Try to check out some slot reviews from reputable slots reviews from websites like OnlineCasino- Reviews, Reddit, and quora.
– Register with an online casino that offers bonuses with low wagering requirements.
– Look out for slots with a correct volatility level.

What online casino is legit?

We are happy to let you know that every online casino site listed and reviewed on this website is legit, licensed, and regulated.

Where can I play casino games?

You can easily play casino games and have fun at any of the casino brands mentioned above. They are currently some of the best in the industry. So we highly recommend that you play with any of them.

What is the best payout at online casinos in the UK?

The following are some of the casinos with the best payout percentages (otherwise known as RTP) in the UK.
-All British casino – 97.7%
-Unibet casino – 97.45%
-BetSafe casino – 97.22%
-WinBritish casino – 96.5%
-Playzee casino – 96%
-PlayOjo casino – 96.2%
-LeoVegas casino – 95.63%

Which online casino offers free spins in the UK?

-MrQ Casino – 30 Free Spins, no wager.
-777 Casino – 100 % / $200 on first deposit + 77 free -spins, no deposit.
-Rizk Casino – 100% / £100 + 50 Free Spins. No deposit and no wager.
-888 Casino -100 % / £88 + 30 free spins, without deposit.
-Videoslots – 100% / £150 + 11 Free Spins.